Transforming the Southwest Alabama region into

the innovation and entrepreneurial hub of the Gulf Coast.




The mission of the Innovation PortAL is to create a regional entrepreneurial and innovation hub by providing local entrepreneurs and businesses with access to state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive training programs, extensive professional networks and mentorship. 


What is Innovation PortAL?

Innovation PortAL is an entrepreneurial and innovation center. Innovation PortAL’s state-of-the-art facility is currently being constructed in the heart of downtown Mobile’s St. Louis Street “Technology Corridor.” When completed, it will house a signature incubation program, prototyping laboratory, community makerspace and coding bootcamp. Designed to provide entrepreneurs, industry engineers, students and interested citizens with a safe, collaborative environment, this comprehensive array of programs and equipment will encourage a strong culture of entrepreneurship and a vibrant innovation system in the Gulf Coast region.

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Success on the Gulf Coast

The goals of the Innovation PortAL are to:

1. Create an entrepreneurial “ecostystem” by bringing together citizens, networks, institution and local industry with shared interests in innovation, entrepreneurship and new business development.
2. Provide an incubation and acceleration program to assist entrepreneurs in producing successful firms that will continue to grow and flourish in Southwest Alabama upon program graduation.
3. Encourage innovation in local industry by creating a safe environment for industry to build prototypes and collaborate with entrepreneurs, students and interested citizens to develop innovative solutions to industry/company challenges.
4. Support local organizations already committed to encouraging innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship while cultivating others who have not yet engaged.
5. Grow and maintain the Gulf Coast’s talent base while also attracting new skills and businesses to the region.